Submission Guidelines

We are NOT an online writers group! We meet face-to-face in the Seattle, WA area. If you don’t live in this area/aren’t able to attend our meetings personally … I’m sorry, but we’re NOT the group for you!

On the other hand … if you do live in the greater Seattle area … keep reading!

If you’ve clicked this link, then it’s likely that you’ve thought about it really hard … gathered your courage in both hands … and decided you’d like to submit your work to the group to be workshopped for the first time! Congrats on taking that first step! And we’re excited to help you! 🙂

First things first: Have you already attended at least one NSWG workshop? If not, that’s the first thing you need to do. Before you can submit your own work to be workshopped by the group, we require that you attend at least one workshop session.

  • Why? So that you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into!
  • How? Simply check our Event Calendar to see when the next workshop will be, put it on your own calendar, and–most importantly–attend! That way you can see the process firsthand, and be prepared for it when it’s your turn. Attending your first meeting also gives you the opportunity to join our private, members-only Yahoo group, which is where you’ll have the opportunity to get on the workshop schedule.
  • And how do you do get on the workshop schedule? At some point in the week before we meet, I’ll ask on the Yahoo group “Who’s up for workshop?” … and if you’re ready … speak up!

It’s as simple as that! 🙂

Once you’re on the workshop schedule, what do you need to bring with you that day/night? 

On the day/night you’re going to be workshopped, it’s up to you to provide a printed copy of your work to everyone who attends. Those workshop copies should ALWAYS:

  • be printed in black ink on white paper, or something else with that same high contrast.
  • he printed in a simple, readable font (keep the fancies for your website) of at least 12-pt
  • have standard margins of at least one inch on all sides … and DOUBLE-SPACED!

Let me repeat that … 12-pt font, standard margins, and DOUBLE-SPACED!!! If you want people to read your stuff/write notes on your copy for you … you need to make it readable, and you must also give them room to write! And–note–we don’t have a problem with double-sided copies, so if you’re concerned about saving a tree … print your stuff double-sided … but–PLEEEZZZZEEEE!!!–do NOT reduce the font size, margins, or the spacing! Our/your eyes will appreciate it!

As far as how many copes to bring goes … that’s really hard to say. I’ve seen workshops where there were 14 people sitting around the table … and I’ve seen workshops where there were only a couple of us. Attendance fluctuates widely at times, so it’s probably best to check with the group to get an idea how many to bring … though, remember, new people show up all the time, too … not just the members of the Yahoo group. And–when in doubt–bring too many! It’s very difficult for people to share a copy that they can both read and mark-up for you in an hour’s time, so you’d be better off wasting extra copies (give them to your friends instead, or use them to keep tables level!) than not having enough copies for the people around the table.

Beyond that, if you have any further questions … you can always use the form below to ask:

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