Cancelling the meeting for 4/12/2016…sorry!

hi, gang!


scheduling difficulties have caused me to have to cancel this Tuesday’s workshop….sorry!…i don’t do it very often, but i gotta this time!…


see you Sunday the 24th! 🙂

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Another new location for another new year! :)

Hi Gang 🙂

The ever-changing Seattle restaurant real estate world continues to be a problem with group meetings. This time it’s Four Seas who’s decided to cut back on their hours, leaving us without a meeting space in our regular Sunday slot.

However, we were able to find a new location fairly quickly this time, thanks to one of the guys in my submissive’s brunch. It meets our top criteria! It has its own dedicated parking lot, AND it’s in an area with really good bus coverage, too. The one down-side some may find is that it’s strictly a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but the entrees I’ve tried so far have been really, REALLY good…so I just ask that you give them a try! You might be surprised yourself 🙂

The address is:

Bamboo Garden
364 Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98109



We’ll see you there starting with our Sunday, January the 24th meeting!

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Changing workshop time to avoid parking problems!

Hi gang 🙂


Just so you know, NSWG will meet at 11am–not 1pm–for our two final Sunday workshops of the year. Seahawk traffic/parking is a nightmare by the time 1pm rolls around, so we’re hoping that getting to the ID by 11am will help that situation.


Pass the word!! 🙂

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A new location for a new year!

As much as it broke our hearts, there was nothing we could do to stop progress. The ravenous real estate beast–otherwise known as–bought out The Hurricane Cafe and everything else on the block back in 2014, and officially closed the restaurant’s doors on January the first of this year. It was a sad day indeed, for there are few venues in Seattle where we could have talked about the things we’ve talked about in their back room … and done the sorts of things we’ve done in that same location, like using members to block out sex scenes in live action to see if they work 🙂

With the closing of that storied location, No Safeword Writers Group now holds workshops at:

Four Seas Restaurant
714 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104

So join us in our new location for the same workshop experience as before … hopefully, that is 🙂

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The old website is gone … and No Safeword Writers Group has relocated!

Greetings, gang! 🙂

If you’ve attended a NSWG meeting in the last year or so, you probably already know it’s been coming for a while now. As we grew–and as The Center for Sex Positive Culture grew, too–we finally reached a point where their facility was so busy that they were frequently asking us to move to another space in the club (some, unfortunately, with minimal heat or facilities) or give up our time slot completely for another special event … that it began to interfere with our plans on a fairly regular basis. We dealt with it for a long time, but–ultimately–it began to be problematic … so the group finally decided it was time to free up our two slots on their calendar for them to use as they needed … by finding ourselves a new place to meet … where we could be more certain of our time and place on a regular basis.

Therefore–starting in October of 2013–NSWG has returned to its original roots: not quite so far back as to meet in a church basement on Capitol Hill … but back to the days when NSWG met in the Beyond the Edge Cafe, where anyone could drop in … no matter the limitations their job/family/life put on them. Beyond the Edge is, unfortunately, long gone (it was in many ways the precursor to the CSPC … since Allena ran it, too), but The Hurricane Cafe in Belltown is definitely a kindred spirit! 🙂

If you’ve never been there before, The Hurricane is our favorite 24-hour haunt in Seattle. It’s adjacent to Cornish University, and it’s not new in any sense of the word: in fact, it’s been in operation since the 50s under one name or another. I don’t see too many places where they’ve modernized it over the last half century plus either, so don’t expect anything fancy. It’s your basic scuffed linoleum/naugahyde booths kinda place, with a separate bar on one end, which–note–means you can have a cocktail with your workshop if you’d like. The menu is similarly plain: think “greasy spoon/diner food” selections in three basic categories: breakfast, burgers, and alternate sandwiches … with decent soup and three “dinner entrees” to pick from, too. It’s basic, and often a bit greasy (as the menu selections suggest) … but in 10 years plus of eating there more than once a month (because it’s a 24-hour restaurant with a parking lot) … I’ve only sent something back once because I had a problem with it.

Now that I’ve told you everything that The Hurricane doesn’t have … what it does have (in addition to being open 24/7) is a parking lot–which is a plus downtown–a tattooed and pierced waitstaff, a constant rock & roll soundtrack on the jukebox, and a back dining room (with a fireplace I adore) where we can meet away from the rest of the crowd … most times, anyway. Their waitstaff could also care LESS what we’re talking about back there (or–alternately–they wanna join us!) so it makes it a perfect place for us to hang out for a few hours discussing erotic writing … especially during the Tuesday night workshop time, when the place is usually DEAD!!

So–if you’ve never attended a NSWG workshop before … for whatever reason–why not give us a try at our new location. Be sure to check the schedule! And if you have any questions, you can use the Contact Form on the Contact page!

See you there! 🙂

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