From our old site … in no particular order …


  • Triskei Guild of Bellingham. Great web site with lots of local (Greater Seattle and Western Washington) links.
  • Society for Human Sexuality (SHS). A sex-positive group with wonderful resource list, list of events in the local area, and web page.
  • Switchable Yento of SeattleThe Taking of Esther and Mordecai (150KB text):
    A kinky, visually, descriptive Passover and other Jewish holidays story of sexual and religious liberation with a curious but yellow 27 year old sometimes naughty switchable virgin, her bi best (differently abled but always horny) girlfriend who used to d ance at the Lusty Lady (before her accident), an annoying cross-dressing bicurious “brother”, and the dominant Levi-clad dark-skinned intruder (named Moses, perhaps?) who “liberates” them all and leads them out of (or should I say …) into “bondage”, dom ination and submission, shaving, spanking, rape, being taken and taking fantasies, and “Strip Dreidel.”
  • The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
  • Romance Divas – a great resource for any writer, they also have an alt/steamy section with lots of information on erotica, etc.
  • Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America – the local chapter of a national romance writers group
  • Passionate Ink – the Romance Writers of America’s erotica writers chapter
  • – for finding that perfect word
  • Lacy Danes – Erotic Historical Romance
  • Elf M. Sternberg’s Pendorwright ProjectsAccording to my husband, Elf’s been writing erotica since before the web had training wheels
  • The Spiced Tea Party – A group of historical flithmongers have put together a group blog filled with information on Sex through history.
    It is a great resource for anyone writing historical based smut! Authors participating in the site are:
    Celia May Heart, Lacy Danes, Colette Gale, Jane Lockwood, Kate Pearce, Pam Rosenthal (AKA Molly Weatherfield, Author of Carrie’s Story and Safe World), and Sharon Page.