1995 to 2006

No Safeword Writers Group formed sometime in 1995, as a once-a-month group meeting in the basement of a church in Capital Hill. They quickly moved to Beyond the Edge Cafe, where at a tender age of 14 months, the group passed into the hands of Ambrose McNibble. At the time, the group’s rules were rather simple:

There are three requirements at No Safeword Writers Group.
1. You have to have written something once. Like a history paper or letter to your mom or something.
2. You have to come to a meeting.
3. You have to respect yourself and other people while you’re at the meeting.

The group survived the closing of Beyond The Edge Cafe in Febuary 1999, moving its meetings to Four Angles Cafe, then a series of other short lived venues. Finally, in September 2000, it settled at the Wet Spot, where it would remain for the next 13 years.

You may notice a theme here. NSWG is far, far more durable than the locations it meets at, or indeed any given member.

2007 to 2017

At the end of 2016, Ambrose McNibble stepped down, passing the reigns to Lane Alexandra, who at the time, had not yet attended a single meeting. Gutsy, but it worked out! Continuing to grow the group, Lane added a second meeting each month in early 2008, changing the schedule to 2nd Tuesdays and 4th Sundays.

As the Wetspot (now the Center for Sex Positive Culture) grew, the schedule became too crowded, and NSWG again ventured forth into the world in 2013. At the age of 18, the group settled at The Huricane Cafe. This iconic 24 hour diner hosted us for two years until it too closed in 2015.

Again cycling through several more locations, we arrived at Bamboo Garden, where, at the time of this writing, we currently reside.


Lane Alexandra, after suffering two car accidents, stepped down as Group Mom, and I volunteered to pick up the reigns. This time it wasn’t a blind transition – I (Blue Frauenglass) have been attending for several years now.

Not much to say here yet!