Another new location for another new year! :)

Hi Gang 🙂

The ever-changing Seattle restaurant real estate world continues to be a problem with group meetings. This time it’s Four Seas who’s decided to cut back on their hours, leaving us without a meeting space in our regular Sunday slot.

However, we were able to find a new location fairly quickly this time, thanks to one of the guys in my submissive’s brunch. It meets our top criteria! It has its own dedicated parking lot, AND it’s in an area with really good bus coverage, too. The one down-side some may find is that it’s strictly a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but the entrees I’ve tried so far have been really, REALLY good…so I just ask that you give them a try! You might be surprised yourself 🙂

The address is:

Bamboo Garden
364 Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98109



We’ll see you there starting with our Sunday, January the 24th meeting!

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