A new location for a new year!

As much as it broke our hearts, there was nothing we could do to stop progress. The ravenous real estate beast–otherwise known as Amazon.com–bought out The Hurricane Cafe and everything else on the block back in 2014, and officially closed the restaurant’s doors on January the first of this year. It was a sad day indeed, for there are few venues in Seattle where we could have talked about the things we’ve talked about in their back room … and done the sorts of things we’ve done in that same location, like using members to block out sex scenes in live action to see if they work 🙂

With the closing of that storied location, No Safeword Writers Group now holds workshops at:

Four Seas Restaurant
714 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104

So join us in our new location for the same workshop experience as before … hopefully, that is 🙂

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