Formed in 1995, No Safeword Writers Group provides

… workshops and support for erotica writers in the greater Seattle area. Our workshops meet on the 2nd Tuesday at 7pm and the 4th Sunday at 1pm … and–as of January, 2016–you’ll find us in the back of the dining room at:

Bamboo Garden
364 Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98109

NSWG welcomes and encourages writing in every form, but our general focus is erotic material. Our membership includes a wide variety of individuals who find a wide variety of things erotic, so please remember that No Safeword means you can’t refuse to workshop someone else’s writing simply because you don’t agree with or like their content. At times, content in workshop may range from absolutely boring to “Oh my GAWD! You should be locked up for even thinking that!” Erotic expression is very personal and varies widely, but content is not what we’re all about at NSWG. We’re here for the writing.

So let’s get writing!

Whether you create adult or XXX material, autobiographies, biographies, sensual essays, erotic poetry, fiction or nonfiction, kinky or pornographic smut, or something that can’t so easily be defined, the No Safeword Writers Group provides mutual support for our members’ efforts. We give critique and commentary on each others work, explore and share information about publishing opportunities, and discuss issues facing writers of adult or erotic material. Personal (in-person) participation is required if you want to get anything out of being a NSWG member beyond just the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get every month when you see the notice of the meeting in your inbox.

Note: We are not an on-line forum.

There are several perfectly fine on-line writers groups and electronic mailing lists … but the No Safeword Writers Group is not one of them. We find the interaction, communication and friendship of real-life meeting too valuable to forgo. We do maintain an e-mail mailing list to distribute information to our members, but it is ‘members-only,’ and you must attend a meeting face-to-face to get an invitation to join.

On rare occasions have guest writers or publishers attend our meetings, but that’s not our focus. We sometimes assign ourselves exercises to improve our skills when we find ourselves without something to workshop, which is ex-actly our focus! Regardless, we always make sure we have fun. No forms, no authorities, no requirements beyond you being at least 18 years old, and no cost beyond whatever you decide to eat or drink at the Hurricane! How can anything so valuable to a writer be any easier or cheaper?

So take a break from the hustle of your life. Once you’ve attended your first workshop to get a feel for the process … gather your courage, step up when we ask for volunteers for a workshop timeslot … and then bring several copies of the work you wish reviewed. There is no maximum, but work longer than a couple of pages may need to be taken home to be critiqued next month or sent to members via e-mail. If your chosen work is longer than 20 pages, please break it into sections for consecutive workshops to insure that others get their time in the barrel, too 🙂

A lot of what we write is erotic – that’s our focus – but we’re very tolerant of diverse subject matter. We welcome anyone who writes, and over the years NSWG has critiqued submissions that ranged from advertising copy to motorcycle mechanics to philosophy. If you’ve written something and would like honest feedback and suggestions, bring it around. Or not! It’s not necessary to submit your work – only that you participate and be respectful of others.

Hope to see you there!

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