Formed in 1995, No Safeword Writers Group provides workshops and support for erotica writers in the greater Seattle area. Our workshops meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 1pm in the back of the dining room at Bamboo Garden.

NSWG welcomes and encourages writing in every form, but our general focus is erotic material. Our membership includes a wide variety of individuals of varying experiences. We have professional authors, people just writing their very first story, and everything in between.

Meetings vary from 3 to 12 people depending on the week, the weather, and what else is going on in Seattle at the time. We’ve had people ages 18 to 70+. Don’t worry about if you’re good enough – if you’re interested in writing erotica (even if you haven’t started yet), come say hello!

Who we are

Whether you create adult or XXX material, autobiographies, biographies, sensual essays, erotic poetry, fiction or nonfiction, kinky or pornographic smut, or something that can’t so easily be defined, the No Safeword Writers Group provides mutual support for our members’ efforts. We give critique and commentary on each others work, explore and share information about publishing opportunities, and discuss issues facing writers of adult or erotic material.

A lot of what we write is erotic – that’s our focus – but we’re very tolerant of diverse subject matter. We welcome anyone who writes, and over the years NSWG has critiqued submissions that ranged from advertising copy to motorcycle mechanics to philosophy. If you’ve written something and would like honest feedback and suggestions, bring it around. Or not! It’s not necessary to submit your work – only that you participate and be respectful of others.

Hope to see you there!

What we do

Every session, one of the group members brings in a piece they’ve worked on for the rest of the group to read, edit and discuss. You must have previously attended a meeting the have your piece workshopped – don’t bring anything for your first visit! It’s good to get a chance to see how we operate and get a feel for the group before putting yourself in the hot seat. See the FAQ for a more detailed description of the format.

Sometimes, especially if the person who was going to share a piece doesn’t show, we instead do a writing exercise. Based on a prompt or some other guideline, we spend an hour or so writing a short piece – then everyone who feels up to it shares. It’s an excellent way to stretch your writing muscles, to think about how and why you write the way you do.